Ludo Star is a fun board game with an abstracted version of the rules of pachisi. There are no dice involved, but there are many special cards that provide random elements and offer new challenges each time you play. Pachisi has been played for centuries in India as well as other countries around the world such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, where it was originally known by different names like “Ludo” or “Pai-Kissi.”

Ludo Star is a board game that is available for PC Windows and MAC. The game can be downloaded from the website of the developer.

Ludo Star For PC Windows and MAC

How To Install Ludo Star App on Windows PC & MacBook

Ludo Star program for PC may be downloaded using the most powerful and dependable Android emulators, such as NOX APK player or BlueStacks. Ludo Star may be played on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac PCs using any Android emulator.


  1. Emulators for Windows PC may be downloaded and installed from the official websites listed below.
  2. and are two of the best emulators available.
  3. Log in to the Android emulator using your Google account.
  4. The Ludo Star app is available in the Google Play Store. So look for it and find it.
  5. Choose the option to install beneath the Ludo Star logo and have fun!

Ludo Star’s Frequently Asked Questions – Features and User Guide

Ludo Star is a new free-to-play ludo game that may be played with friends and family. It’s the ideal game to play with your pals to share your amazing hobbies and childhood memories. Demonstrate your mastery of this game. The ideal Ludo board game.

?2.0 Ludo Star Master Features.? Multiplayer Mode (Online/Private) Ludo Star is a dice-based board game for two to four players. You may play with your friends, family, or the computer in this game.

Take a look at the new Arrow Mode. Do you like playing the classic Ludo game with Arrow on the board? Arrow Feature is a new mode that we’ve added.

Difficult and Exciting The gameplay is easy at first, but it becomes more tough as you go.

The rules are simple: each player is given four tokens, which must be used to complete a full round of the board and reach the finish line. And the one who obtains all four tokens first is declared the winner. We’re taking on the Ludo Kings in this fantastic game!

Other Important Master Features: – Play with Friends without putting any money on the table – Genuine conversation with friends and acquaintances

Ludo STAR is a fun multiplayer game that you may play with your pals. There are four participants in the game: red, blue, green, and yellow. Are you the Ludo king among your friends? Bing every single one of them! This game was formerly played by Indian rulers! Ludo is a popular game among people of all ages.

You’re all set to throw the dice! With this updated edition, make your moves and become a Ludo Star (2.0).

What’s New in the New Ludo Star Version?

We’ve been listening to your feedback and are working hard to make Ludo Star something you’ll all enjoy. * Tournament – Quick Mode is back in a whole new format!! Participate in 8-player tournaments to earn enormous prizes. Best of all, after your game is over, go watch other players’ games. * Bets on team games are limited at $2,000. Keep an eye out for substantial changes to team game awards. * A slew of connection-related improvements to improve your experience * Improved handling of sluggish and lost internet connections


The developer/inc owns the rights to this software. We are not linked with Ludo Star in any way. Every aspect of the Ludo Star applications, such as graphics and trademarks, is the property of Ludo Star’s individual owner.

We also don’t allow Ludo Star applications to be downloaded from our server. The Ludo Star app may be downloaded from the official website.

Ludo Star is a game that has been around for years. It is a simple yet challenging game where players roll and move their pieces to try and get them into the opponent’s goal. The latest version of Ludo Star is available on PC Windows, Mac, and Android. Reference: ludo star 2017 download for pc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Ludo on my laptop?

A: In order to install Ludo on your laptop, you will need a USB thumb drive that is at least 4Gb in size.

Is Ludo star a Pakistani app?

A: I am not sure what you mean by Ludo star is a Pakistani app? Please clarify.

Is Ludo Star available on Apple Store?

A: Ludo Star is available on the Apple Store.

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